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JUPEB Scores & Grades – How JUPEB points are being calculated, JUPEB Marking Scheme

JUPEB SCORES AND GRADING – How JUPEB Points/Marks are being calculated.

JUPEB scored are graded from A – F in  and points are allotted based on the percentage ratio.

JUPEB News is pleased to inform the general public especially JUPEB candidates (prospective,current & past) about how the JUPEB exams are being graded.

What is JUPEB?

The purpose of this is to help you work smartly towards achieving success in your JUPEB programme.

It is imperative to note that you can not achieve outstanding success in JUPEB without working through the JUPEB syllabus. Download JUPEB syllabus online here


70 – 100% A (5 Points)
60 – 69% B (4 Points)
50 – 59% C (3 Points)
45 – 49% D (2 Points)
40 – 44% E (1 Point)
39% Below F (0 Point)

For a student that registered for three (3) subjects with grades such as Physics A, Chemistry B and Biology B, the total number of points scored will be as follows:
Physics A = 5 Points
Chemistry B = 4 Points
Biology C = 3 Points

Now that you know how JUPEB scores are calculated, check this out: JUPEB cut-off marks in universities



  1. Can we check our results on the portal?

    1. You can if it is uploaded to the portal, otherwise, get your hard copy at the school.

  2. When our result coming out?

    1. Your JUPEB result is out already!

  3. Please I was unable to thumb print will my result be affected

    1. Thats not easy to answer.

  4. if someone gets five points in jupeb final exam can he/she still get admission and also so they add first semester results to final exam to mark?

    1. This can only be determined by the university of choice. PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS PAGE for JUPEB cut-off marks

      1. Please do they use to add mock exam score to the final jupeb exam

  5. How can I change my jamb to direct entry?

    1. Please visit any cbt centre for this!

  6. I haven’t written any tests yet and not sure I wanna write the mock hope it won’t affect my jupeb final results???

  7. Please why can’t we get the past questions only 2015 is available

  8. When is the closing date for thumbprinting?

  9. I joined jupeb class having missed the first semester exam please would it affect my overall result

    1. Hi,
      Not really. Just study and prepare for the JUPEB final exams. Thats all that matters

  10. Is jumped result graded into classes? If yes how e.g 13points 1st class 10 2nd class upper

    1. No classes.
      Just your points.
      Remember admission into any department is based on points.
      Check out our Jupeb cut off mark page.

  11. physics A Biology B and Chemistry B AND I WANT MEDICINE

    1. Hi Super,
      You have a good grade.
      You should be able to get admission into Med Science with that.
      I wish you success!

  12. Why is it that over 400 students of Uniben jupeb results were cancelled

  13. Please if we are to pay for the Jupeb Syllabus ,…..

  14. Please are the in-course assessments part of the final exams plus I missed a paper in my second semester exam will there be consequences…thank you

    1. There might be. As that almost is a 20% of your total score.

  15. Pls I missed 2 papers in my 1st and 2nd semester respectively, will it have any effect on my jupeb final score or any effect whatsoever?

    1. Hi Evidence,
      Did you mean you missed them at the JUPEB final exams or when exactly?

      1. I think he’s trying to ask if the incourse assessments will reflect on the final exams and what are the consequences if you missed it….thank you

      2. Not the final exams…the so-called incourse assessments…will they be part of the final exams and what are the consequences if you miss them

  16. can i know the exact date jupeb result for 2017/2018 will be out

  17. Is our mock exam part of jupeb?

    1. Hi Richmond

      That is technically not part of your JUPEB final exam scores. However, that will go a long way to prepare you for the final exam.


      1. how about for a person with Bs and one Fail?

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