JUPEB Scores & Grades – How JUPEB points are being calculated, JUPEB Marking Scheme

JUPEB SCORES AND GRADING – How JUPEB Points/Marks are being calculated.

JUPEB scored are graded from A – F in  and points are allotted based on the percentage ratio.

JUPEB News is pleased to inform the general public especially JUPEB candidates (prospective,current & past) about how the JUPEB exams are being graded.

What is JUPEB?

The purpose of this is to help you work smartly towards achieving success in your JUPEB programme.

It is imperative to note that you can not achieve outstanding success in JUPEB without working through the JUPEB syllabus. Download JUPEB syllabus online here


70 – 100% A (5 Points)
60 – 69% B (4 Points)
50 – 59% C (3 Points)
45 – 49% D (2 Points)
40 – 44% E (1 Point)
39% Below F (0 Point)

For a student that registered for three (3) subjects with grades such as Physics A, Chemistry B and Biology B, the total number of points scored will be as follows:
Physics A = 5 Points
Chemistry B = 4 Points
Biology C = 3 Points

Now that you know how JUPEB scores are calculated, check this out: JUPEB cut-off marks in universities



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