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JUPEB mass failure in some universities

Why did many or all candidate fail JUPEB in Some Universities?

This has been the most asked and talked about issues since JUPEB released the 2018 JUPEB final examination result.

According to messages received from many candidates who sat for 2017/2018 JUPEB programme, there was a mass failure in many universities with candidates having no result at all, because of FFF (no result is issued for candidate with 3 F grades.

When Does Mass Failure Occur?

Mass failure occurs when over 60% of total candidates who sat for any examination perform woefully or simply put fail ( have below pass mark).

Many of these candidates complained that their results were being displayed to them via pdf, spreadsheet, excel and other electronic document formats.

While we have sent messages to concerned body for details and clarification on the alleged mass failure in some schools, we also decide to publish this post and allow candidates who probably has a similar experience or somehow has a useful tips on this to comment in details their experiences/ encounter for others to see.

Your identity will not be published and any private data shared with us will be treated as confidential.

We hope to hear from you all.


This can simply be put as “fabricated mass failure”. There might be mass failure in JUPEB or any other examination if a centre or institution engaged in mass examination malpractice or simply put runz. If the JUPEB board has  valid evidence that your institution was involved in cheating during the JUPEB exam, the governing board of the organisation might have to cancel the whole centre results.

Candidates who sat for exams in any institution not affiliated with JUPEB will surely have no result as such institution is not recognise by the board. Thus the management of such organisation might come up with NO RESULT/ MASS FAILURE thing to cover up.

However, we don’t have any report of issue like this since the beginning of JUPEB. Aside the case of mass cheating, disrupt of conduct of examination there might be “alleged” mass failure if where you wrote your JUPEB examination is not an accredited JUPEB affiliate or partnering institution.


Another factor that can cause a mass failure in JUPEB and any other examination is failure to expose candidates to proper lectures in line with the approved syllabus and academics calendar. It is imperative for candidates to know that JUPEB has an academic calendar released annually for the running of the programme. Also, there is an updated syllabus for JUPEB. If candidates are not tutored to meet the requirements of the JUPEB syllabus and general practice, mass failure is inevitable.


All current student must have their own personal copy. as this will also help such to make good grades in the programme.

Here comes one of the primary causes of mass failure. When candidates failed to study as required by the JUPEB syllabus, then, failure has no alternative. Candidates that fail in exams are not always the dull ones but the ones that refuse to study as expected.

Anyone enrolled to JUPEB needs to have the orientation  that JUPEB is an advanced level Programme and not secondary school exams. The curriculum is in no way different from hat you will see in 100 level and 200 level of any universities. That is you are practically exposed to what candiates in 100 level & 200 level in universities are studying and this is why many Alevel students in universities always come out as 1st class graduates.

Candidates fail JUPEB and other advanced level programe if they don’t know how to present their answers. However, this is not expected to cause a mass failure in many cases.

JUPEB and other Alevel has a defined structure you must follow in other to answer some questions. This will be detailed later.



  1. Ensure you register for JUPEB at JUPEB partnering / affiliated universities. REGISTER FOR JUPEB HERE
  2. Ensure you are lectured regularly as required . Check JUPEB calendar here
  3. Download and study inline with the JUPEB syllabus. ( Download it here)
  4. Learn how to present your answers during JUPEB final exams. ( available here later )
  5. Before you enroll for JUPEB in any institution, ask questions about their past results and ask necessary question, remember, either federal, state or private university, you are paying for this programme and it is purely foolish to waste your fund, time and expectations. So be wise and diligent!

If you need help in choosing a place to do your JUPEB, you can send a private mail to: JUPEB we will be glad to help you out.

Please do not attend to any call from anybody claiming to be JUPEB news and any email not sent by or

We don’t know them!

Please drop your comments and share your experience below!


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